on writing fast

Last year, I ran into Dean Wesley Smith’s “Writing Speed” post for his Sacred Cows of Publishing series. Since then, I’ve seen other writers encourage other writers to write fast. This post by Rachel Aaron blew my mind, I love her attitude on time management.

There are a few good reasons to write fast. I like being able to hit major story milestones back to back, either on the same day or the next. I’d like to think it cuts down on my repetition since I’m covering so much ground, it’s all fresh in my head that I’ve already mentioned that (or beat the dead horse. Take your pick.)

It’s taken a lot of practice to get comfortable with between 2k to 5k every day. When I participated in NaNoWriMo last year, I was utterly exhausted after 7 hours of butt-in-chair and 3,500 words in a day. When I typed “the end” (I know it’s unnecessary, but I think it’s totally okay to do it at least once, typing THE END feels so good), I wanted to sleep for a week. My brain was fried.

Writing fast is its own muscle, and with practice it got less wearying and more invigorating.

Blogging is also its own muscle. I have a blog for World of Warcraft I’ve kept for a couple of years, but blogging-as-me feels a bit like a yoga pose I haven’t done in months. At least I don’t think I can give myself a strain by pushing the publish button.

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