September Stock Up

Outside, the air is a crisp 59 degrees with a potential high today of 67. Overcast skies with a 20% chance of rain and a low tonight of 38. Today is one beautiful September day.

I feel like every year I sound a bit crazier because time keeps moving faster. On one hand, I barely believe it’s 2011 yet, and on the other, I realize just how fast winter will be upon us.

Perhaps it’s the Taurus in me. My hoarding instinct kicks in on days like these.

It’s the perfect time to go shopping for the winter and fall if you love second-hand. Thrift stores tend to have the best selection of clothes off-season, and with good reason. Donators paring down their closets aren’t going to give up things they could use in the next few weeks, but they are likely to donate items they haven’t worn all summer.

I found a goldmine worth of fall clothes at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. Lots of great stuff, clothes that had been hardly worn, a myriad of warm browns for cooler weather. But the time is fast approaching when their fall and winter clothes will be picked through.

Likely, the first frost will cause a shift in what’s available at second-hand shops. The first few really cold days send people stocking up, and what better way to beat the crowds than to go before it gets really cold?

And if you do wait, then keep an eye out for summer clothes for next year. No one else will be looking at them, you’ll have that row of tanks and strappy tees all to yourself.

How are you preparing for the next season?

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