Nano LotD 1 – Story Structure from an RPG manual

Link of the Day

If you don’t have time to read an entire book on how to structure or plan a story, here are some videos of Dan Wells discussing story structure I found linked on the Passive Voice. Videos 1 and 2 are the “reading assignment” for the next week since a lot of my planning will use these concepts.

Seriously, any man who can turn to a role playing game as his writing guide, well, that’s my kinda guy. I was hooked, instantly. These videos make story structure pretty accessible, and as a bonus, you likely have seen or read the stories and movies he references. Check out this quote on planning:

“This sounds cheesy, but it’s okay; your outline is supposed to sound cheesy. There’s no outline in the world–especially for a genre novel–that doesn’t sound stupid when you describe it to somebody.”

There’s one thing he didn’t point out with blinding obviousness that I must call attention to. Did you catch that all those plot turns are character based? They are decisions, resolutions, vows, moments of personal discovery. Keep this in mind.

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