Nanowrimo: Get Your Fix

Likely I’m going to report a whole lot of links in the next thirty days, looking for NaNoWriMo resources.

Larry Brooks from is doing a planning extravaganza called Nail your NaNoWriMo which… well, I had wanted to do something like that this year on the blog but I am not as awesome as Larry Brooks. Since he can do it so much better, I’m pleased to link him instead. Since I’m still at early planning phases for my own NaNo I will follow along.

Today’s tip is Know what you’re planning. So I’m going to spend some time with a notebook and a cup of coffee. I already have some ideas for characters and plot and setting and scope, but I’m going to really think about the basic big-story stuff.

Are you planning your NaNo this month? How’s it going for you?

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