Nano LotD 2 – 25 Ways to Plan…

I present to you another link for day 2:

Chuck Wendig has 25 Ways to Plot, Plan, and Prep Your Story over at his blog terribleminds.

Because, let’s face it. So much writing advice in the world isn’t for everyone. So if an outline scares you, there must be something on this list that doesn’t.

And to be honest I use at least half of these suggestions in every story I’ve planned. In that regards, writing a story is much like teaching an easily-frustrated child to read. If something doesn’t work for that particular child/novel, just scrap it and try another strategy. And by all that’s holy, if something works then you work the snot out of it.

So the idea here, is to keep moving forward and use whatever it takes to get this story rolling.

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