Nano LotD 13 – Character Clues

Mystery writing is Murder author Elizabeth Spann Craig has a post on Character Clues and how to show character instead of just tell it.

Another layer worth thinking about is the conceptions (and more importantly misconceptions) of your PoV character. What details does she notice and how does she interpret them? In Elizabeth’s example of the super-punctual character, maybe a perpetually late character is totally annoyed by how in-control the Type A woman seems. Maybe the punctual character gets frustrated that everyone in the world seems to be wasting her time, or maybe she doesn’t mind, since it allows her to take notes on the next story she’s writing.

How are you going to sprinkle character clues into your story?

PS – if you’re not following @elizabethscraig then you’re missing out on a lot of great writing links.

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