Nano: The Link of Links

I must have had my head buried in the sand somewhere to miss this blog.

Here’s the most awesome page of resources for NaNo, posted last week on WriMosFTW. Anyone who goes by that moniker is okay in my book!

Warning. Lots and lots of links. You’ve been warned. Some you may have already seen if you’ve been following along here at Story Planning Month, but there are many, many more that you might not have seen.

Oh, and here’s another link I found on yingle yangle: Outlining a Novel Worth Reading. Ever heard of a mystery box?

Quotey goodness:

J.J. Abrams advocated a concept in a TED talk that I used to develop my last NaNoWriMo novel. Abrams described his creative process as reliant on curiosity: a concept he described as the “mystery box.”
He takes a premise (for example, a mysterious island) and taps his curiosity about what story possibilities are “inside” as a means of developing the plot. Asking himself, “what happens next?” But not forgetting that the reader/viewer will be asking the same thing. It’s a helpful method for at least two reasons:
  • Probably a main reason we write is because we enjoy reading.
  • Our work should compel the same feelings in our readers that made us like reading.

NaNoWriMo’s time constraints make it an excellent opportunity to try developing a story this way.

If you’ve ever watched Lost… I bet you know exactly why the mystery box drives us all crazy.

How is your curiosity helping you plan your story?

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5 Responses to Nano: The Link of Links

  1. Barb, thanks for the posting and turning me on to the WriMos FTW blog. Good luck next month!

  2. lynmidnight says:

    Heya! First of all, thanks for including the WriMos FTW link! I actually added a Sunday Synergy as well last night with even more goodies. I plan to do it on a weekly basis. 🙂

    Also, thanks for the mystery box link! It’s worth a shot, definitely.

    Yay, I’m excited! Are you excited? I can’t wait! Can you wait? 😛

    • barb says:

      Oh, yes. So excited, so $%#*#@$@! excited. The only reason I “can wait” is because I still have so much planning left!

      Thanks for stopping by. I will definitely check out WriMos FTW’s latest updates. 🙂

  3. Kitty says:

    Great post! I need all the resources I can get at this point. I’ve got about half an outline done. And I can hear the tick-tock of November growing closer…!

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