NaNo: Rebel

Are you a NaNo Rebel?

Rebels are okay by me. My joy of NaNo is abundant and I will cheer you on no matter your project. So sure, you’re supposed to start-from-scratch for NaNoWriMo. A 50k fictional work in 30 days.

But that’s kinda limiting. What about those lovers of non-fiction? And what if you have wanted to do a short story collection or a memoir or you really don’t want to drop the completely awesome momentum you got going on your current WiP?

Join the party, anyways. I say to heck with the rules. If you wanna Rebel, I’ll save a spot for you at our write-in. I call dibs on the outlet!

I’m only a half-hearted Rebel. My plan is a 90k novel but I’d be crazy to think I could do that in 30 days and still look like a human being at the end of it (shush, this is as close as I come). I can do 3k and 5k days, but I can’t sustain for 30 days straight.

(Wait, I don’t like that, saying “I can’t” reeks of BS. Rather, I haven’t built up to it yet. Maybe that will be the goal of a future NaNo? That and Lolcatz terrorizing Mercutio…)

My plan this year is 50k words in November with a finish-up in December. I’m already wary of the November finish-line, knowing that the NaNoWriMo site will be congratulating me and calling it done…

And I’m at the half-way point.

So in a small way, I’m a NaNo Rebel. I won’t be finishing my story till sometime in December, long after the excitement of NaNo has faded away, with no more write-ins and excuses for ridiculous amounts of coffee. And I have to be okay with that, because this story I want to tell just isn’t going to fit into a 50k package.

Are you a NaNo Rebel? Are you going to write much longer than 50k? Maybe we can throw a party mid-December to celebrate. And screw it, we don’t need excuses for ridiculous amounts of coffee.

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