NaNo LotD 27: How To Optimize Your Scenes

My grand “a link every day in October!” plan lost steam a few days ago but not for lack of trying. Well, maybe for lack of trying. But, it was easy at the beginning of the month to find links for early-planning of stories and projects. Then as the month wore on, I had no idea what would end up being helpful because by then our paths of planning had veered dramatically.

Weak excuses aside, we’re hurtling towards the end of NaNoPlaMo and so here’s a link from storyfix on How to Optimize Your Scenes.

Quotey goodness:

Ask yourself: what does this scene need to accomplish?  Why is it here?  How does it propel the story forward?  What about it is interesting, comes off with emotional resonance?  What is the conflict within this scene?  The sub-text? What is the star of this seeking to accomplish?

How can I use the scene to embellish character, and how can I use the character to add to the scene?

I have yet another thing to review my beat sheet with… How about you? How are you trying to wrap up your planning?

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