Simple is Not Easy – Cake Pops

It’s amazing how often I learn the lesson that simple does not ever equate to easy.

And even then, things that are easy to do are not easy to do well.

Take, for example, cake pops. I love the concept. Cake crumbs mixed with frosting, rolled into cute little balls, plopped on a stick, and dipped in chocolate or candy.

So simple.

I always go into my cake pop projects thinking that this time I’m going to make my best-ever pops and they are going to look so professional and they are going to be cute and I’ll love every moment and…

You get the idea.

But so many things can go wrong. Too much frosting and the mixture doesn’t ball. Not enough and they fall apart. Freeze them just the right amount of time to be firm (or they fall off the stick) but not frozen (or they crack). Then the coating must be melted but not too hot. Oh, and different brands of coating melt differently. It’s a whole new learning curve with every batch.

Amazing how picky one little treat can be. And you can guess where this is going. My cake pop dreams become melty-droopy-messy realities.

probably yummy, but never as pretty as i planned

No perfect shapes you’d find in a bakery. A half-dozen didn’t survive the dipping. A dozen more have tentacles.

Because simple is not easy.

(Oh, and I did manage to stab myself in two places at the same time with the same toothpick. Apparently that’s an easier task than candy-making.)

Even the simplest things take preparation, dedication, and practice.

Bonus eats:

To celebrate a birthday I made these cookie dough cupcakes. If you’re looking for something unique and fun (but don’t want to turn your kitchen into a flying melted chocolate mess), the cookie dough lover in your life will no doubt approve.

Though they may demand larger cookie dough centers. Just sayin’.

I used golden butter cake mix and a basic chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, topped with chocolate fudge frosting. Fairly straightforward, though a bit more time-consuming than I initially planned (though there’s another lesson I’m perpetually learning!). Freezing the cookie dough overnight should speed things up.

Enjoy. 🙂

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2 Responses to Simple is Not Easy – Cake Pops

  1. Ben says:


    Sorry, that was as close as I can come to replicating in text form the noises that escaped from my mouth upon witnessing the deliciousness contained herein.

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