blanket + book = heaven

I joined the e-reader fanclub nearly seven months ago. And I could extol the virtues of digital; how I’m reading faster, reading more, able to read while I’m waiting for all the perennially late people in my life in the car or restaurant, or even how I love being able to click a button and read a book.

No, here’s one good reason to own an e-reader this winter you probably haven’t thought of (I hope you can forgive my bitmappery):

My Warm HandsA year ago, I was reading either hardbacks or massive 400+ page tomes that required my hands not only to get cold from reading but often made my fingers stiff from trying to keep such a large book open for chapters at a time.

It didn’t take me long (before we’d turned on the heat, even) to figure out I could comfortably settle into a blanket, hold my “book” through the blanket, and read without cold fingers. Maybe it’s just a girl thing. Or maybe it’s just a me thing. But I love this.

Is there anything your e-reader can do (or that you can do with your e-reader) that surprised and delights you?

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6 Responses to blanket + book = heaven

  1. Kitty says:

    I’ve had my Kindle for about a year and when I first got it I thought… “oh no, this was not a wise purchase… I’ll never get used to this…” But now — totally hooked! I love the fact that I can carry around a hundred books at a time (well, actually, way more than that – but that’s what I’ve got so far). I love having it in my purse at all times, just in case I get a few minutes to read. And warm thumbs while reading? Just another great benefit!

  2. I love my Kindle, too, although I like the layout of Apple’s iBooks better. My iPad is first gen and a lot heavier than my Kindle, so I go back and forth on where I want to buy my books and read them. Silly, I know.
    One thing my Kindle has done is to make me an ADD reader. Someone else used that term and I understood it immediately. I’m always downloading samples of books and usually have at least a hundred waiting for me to read. I plow through them quickly and either delete them or put them on a wish list.
    What I like best, though, is when you’re reading in bed at night and are getting a little tired. Enlarge the print! And when you fall asleep having a Kindle hit your nose is much lighter than a massive tome.

    • barb says:

      Chris, I’ve had the same problem. So many samples and freebies I wouldn’t need to buy books for a year (Though I’m sure I will, hah!) I should delete ’em but then I always wonder, well, maybe I’ll want to read it soon. I guess ya never know. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Lindsay B. says:

    That’s cute and probably saves on the heating bills too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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