cake pops: forest for the trees

I decided that if I couldn’t dip perfectly smooth cake pops, that I would try a different tack entirely: marring the finish intentionally.

And then I wasn’t finished. Though these ended up being the most time-consuming confection I have ever created, it was worth it…

A few things I learned about making these cake pops:

1. Green and red candies are thicker and a bit harder to work with. I burned the red two times because I thought it wasn’t fully melted (it was, just very thick). Be prepared to use shortening and be careful not to overdo the heat.

2. This shape was easier to work with than circles. Or, perhaps I’m finally getting my frosting to cake ratio correct. I didn’t lose a single pop off the stick while I was dipping. While I was constantly afraid that my tips would fall off, I’m pleased to announce there were no cake casualties this round.

3. Get ’em cold. I made these cake pops over the course of days, so on the first day I crumbed my cake and mixed in frosting. To store, I pushed it into an airtight tupperware and covered the exposed cake on top with plastic wrap. Making them into smooth balls/cones was much easier this way, so the trees looked really good before I dipped them.

4. Don’t actually “dip.” I never managed to get the dipping process to work for me so instead of submerging the pop, I drape spoonfuls of candy melt over it, turning it as the candy oozes all over, dripping back down into the bowl.

5. Dip the bottom, though. I found it easier to dip the very bottom so that I didn’t have to worry about dripping it. And keep some paper towels handy to keep your fingers clean between dips.

Merry Christmas!

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