pumpkin bread balls

The cake pop maker strikes again.

These pumpkin bread balls were fun to make. My camera, unfortunately, butchered the color and wonderful texture these had, but here’s what I came up with:

pumpkin bread balls


A few things I learned:

1. If you’re baking with brown sugar and using a squeeze bottle, do make sure all the little globules of of  brown sugar are pulverized before it’s made into batter.

2. I cut my squeeze bottle nozzle larger to allow for the nuts, but they ended up not really being the problem. The larger hole made the batter for each come out more quickly, but required more downtime between each squeeze to allow the batter to gravitate. Thin batters are easy to work with, and thick goopy ones are entirely possible with a bit of patience.

3. This pumpkin bread recipe is really, really moist. So moist that when I put my first batch in for a meager four minutes I had a hard time getting them out without breaking their skins. By the time I ran out of batter, I was letting them go as long as 6 minutes. They were golden brown and still ended up being quite tender on the inside.

4. I doctored my recipe: Replace 1 cup granulated sugar with 1 cup dark brown sugar (make sure sugar is fresh and there are no lumps; I mixed my sugars well before moving onto the other ingredients). Add 1 tsp vanilla. Add 1/2 pecan pieces. If you’re grinding your nuts by hand, you may want them to be as small as you can feasibly make them. Snack-size things are easier to eat when the pieces inside are proportionately tiny.

5. These were good the same day but excellent the second. Some cooling/settling time allowed the delicate spice flavors to really shine.

6. These little balls freeze well! After I realized I had forty-some balls on hand, I threw a couple of bags worth into the freezer. We ended up taking a handful out a time to thaw overnight for a quick breakfast. Do make sure they are totally cooled before covering/sealing into a bag.

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