link: the end of paper

Seth Godin, writing for the Domino Project, raises some good questions on how the end of paper changes everything.

Quotey goodness:

The second change is that ebooks connect. Not so much on the Kindle platform (yet) but certainly in PDF and HTML, we see that it’s almost an insult to the reader to create a non-fiction ebook that fails to include links to other voices and useful sources. Not only are the links there, but the writer needs to expect that the reader will actually click on them. A little like being a playwright while knowing that in the middle of the performance, the audience may very well pick up the phone and chat or tweet or surf based on what’s going on onstage.

If you find this idea absolutely fascinating, there’s a book you should consider reading: The Art of Immersion by Frank Rose. There are tons of great examples highlighting how technology and reader participation has altered the way we consume entertainment and the way that stories are shaped.

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