mocha shortbread hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day!

mocha shortbread cookies

I’ve been itching to make some cut-out cookies so for the holiday I decided I would use my heart-shaped cookie cutters. I also had an itch for a chocolate cookie, something decadent and rich. In my search for the perfect recipe, I had a hard time finding something that I thought would be chocolatey enough that would also roll. After I found this recipe for mocha shortbread, I realized I just had to make it work.

It’s blasphemy, I know, to roll out shortbread. It stops being shortbread and ends up being more like a rich, dense butter cookie. The dough is tough to work because shortbread has more butter than traditional rolled-cookie recipes; fully chilled it’s hard as a rock and grows very soft as it warms.

And though the cookie by itself was pretty tasty, I had to keep dressing it up. That cream lip on the bottom of the cookie is a layer of white chocolate. It took a surprising amount of chocolate for one recipe of these cookies – a little more than a pound. Then again, this chocolate layer is quite a bit thicker than you might expect for packaged cookies and clearly, I don’t know when to quit with the powdered sugar. The whole point of making it home-made is to make it the way you like it, right?

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