Maybe the world is ending after all. When was the last time we had such delicious weather in February?

A high of near 60 degrees today. I couldn’t stay inside with weather like that. In my part of the world, February-even the end of it-usually means biting cold, so a day like today is a gift and I like gifts.

I walked for more than six miles on a bike trail and wow did it feel good. Granted, I haven’t done that in weeks so I’ll pay for it later. But to be outside, to see cardinals, to dodge puddles and drive around with the windows open? In February? Yes, please. I wasn’t the only one. The trail was full of happy-looking people. Libraries and bike trails are fun because I know I have things in common with everyone else there. It’s easy to smile and be friendly. We’re all here for the same reason.

It’s a funny observation: when the weather turns odd in the second half of the year, I feel like it’s a bad omen. A too-soon fall or winter means a hard winter (or a long one) ahead. But let’s face it; in central Illinois we haven’t really had winter yet, not like we normally do. The low for this month was 11 degrees, and that lasted one day. Even 11 degrees is “warm” for this time of year, let alone the last week of 40-50 degrees we’ve had.

I’ve tried to enjoy it. Unseasonable isn’t always a bad thing.

If the almanac has anything to say about it, it’s going to be an unseasonably dry spring and an unseasonably cool summer.

I could really get behind an unseasonably cool summer. 🙂

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