recommended: see what i’m saying

I’m not even finished with this book (got through the first three senses) and already I want to recommend it.

See What I’m Saying: The Extraordinary Powers of Our Five Senses by Lawrence D. Rosenblum on Goodreads

1. Case studies involving vivid characters. This book is chock-full of anecdotes and stories to help the reader understand and remember the important stuff. There’s research but it’s still a fun read.

2. Each sense gets multifaceted treatment. My favorite part, so far, has been reading about sound design in movies and television: to really lure us into the fictive dream, designers must go to absurd lengths to make it sound like we are really in the scene.

3. I tried a couple of the echolocation exercises and was pleasantly surprised how well it went. Though I still can’t “hear” doorframes yet. Must work on that one…

Have you read See What I’m Saying? What did you think?

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