ebooks from libraries

I took the plunge earlier this week and made my librarian walk me through checking out ebooks from the library.

And while the selection isn’t fantastic, it’s still pretty neat. Checking out e-books from the library is like the best of both worlds: instant downloads just like buying an e-book, plus the added fun of browsing for stuff I might normally pass on if I were buying it for myself (just like my library). And yeah, I wish that there was more selection (I blame publishing companies, not the library for this one), but there’s still lots of books to choose from. I haven’t used my e-reader a whole lot lately, focusing mostly on paper books (also from the library, though my used-bookstore has gotten some love, too). I forgot how much faster I can read with e-ink and all the things that make e-readers great: no bookmarks, no heavy hardbacks, having it with me when I get stuck by that ten-minute train (seriously. Why do trains need to stop over the tracks like that? I can’t believe I’m the only one who comes prepared with a book for all the time we spend waiting for that ridiculous train.)

Last night I read Debris by Jo Anderton. If you like your fantasy high-tech and dark, give it a try. I found it a teensy bit slow but the descriptions were phenomenal.

Have you tried ebooks from the library?

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