the only outdoor activity i could stand…

Pretty crazy when a high-of-94 day is considered, ahem, “cool.” I suppose it’s all relative. But that’s perfect Camp NaNoWriMo weather, for those of us crazy to pack in a whole novel in August, because A/C and writing go really well together.

I participated last year in July. Lots of fun, even if the write-ins are smaller and the entire pool of participants is, well, also smaller. But that’s not a bad thing, because small groups have their own unique charm. Introverts like me can get a word in once in a while. Maybe.

I am excited, as always. Our PeoWriMos group has grown so much in the past year. Lots of new faces, lots of great connections to less-than-new faces. It’s an amazing group and every time we get together, I’m so grateful they put up with me. Someday they may figure out they don’t have to. 😉

In semi-unrelated news, I’ve started a pinterest. I tend to keep my blog more reading, fantasy, and baking-centric, but my pinterest is all about sharing writing links. I figure I’m kind of a resource nerd, so all that time spent “researching” on the internet should help out my friends. So if you were on the fence about NaNo or didn’t realize there even was a summer event, there’s still time. Hop over and check out some websites that can help you craft your story to be ready on August 1st, or check out my page of links for last year’s NaNo. I’ll be rooting for you.

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