cheesecake cones

Since there’s little old heatwave (okay, a big, record-breaking long one), the oven is most definitely staying off. But I still wanted to bake create something delicious for a work potluck to go with fried chicken and all sorts of summery foods. Long story short, I googled my way to cheesecake cones. Sprinkle Bakes has one fantastic post on how to make these delightful creations on her blog.

Of course, mine never turn out as pretty as hers, but here a few things to keep in mind:

1. Have all the things prepared before you begin, because working with cream makes any project time-sensitive. I set out my cones, prepared my icing bag, and had all ingredients out (save the cream) ready to go.

2. Cold cream, cold bowl. Whipping cream into stiff peaks can take time, but it’s worth beating the cream until it’s thick.

3. This recipe is designed to be created soon before serving, but I didn’t have that option because realistically I’m not getting up before my shift to make them. And even then, they would have to sit for a long time. So I added 1/4 tsp meringue powder to help them stay firm and froze them overnight.

4. The cones got soggy after about three hours, and were totally squished after five. However. However. The filling inside stayed firm and cold and delicious. On my lunch break, I scooped out the filling with a spoon and it still tasted amazing, just like cheesecake ice cream. If I had to make them again that far in advance, I’d try squeezing them into cupcake papers and garnish it with a ladyfinger or nilla wafer, something cute and delicious when soggy.

5. Enjoy. These are easy and honestly, quick. Even if your swirls aren’t perfect (mine certainly weren’t) they are still cute and will be a huge hit with anyone who loves delicious things. This is a perfect recipe for a day when it’s too hot to bake or if you just want a sweet that’s a little different.

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  1. Ben says:

    Must. Not. Drool. On. Keyboard.

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