M&M cookies

To bribe my brother-in-law to come help move some furniture, we offered the entire family to come down and share a meal with us. I’m pleased to announce that not only was the furniture moved, we served up a mighty barbecue.

That, of course, precluded me baking not only a pie for dessert but a pile of cookies. I wanted something fun and infinitely snackable so M&M cookies were the perfect choice.

M&M Cookies

1. Recipe found here: Robbi’s M&M Cookies on Allrecipes.com. I used half butter, half shortening like the comments suggest, refrigerating each batch to reduce spreading (Though they did spread a bit more than I would have liked. Next time I may try all shortening with some butter flavor added).

2. It took more than the recommended amount of M&Ms for me, an entire small bag (14 oz). And I was okay with that, because M&M Cookies should have lots and lots of M&Ms in them.

3. It’s time-consuming to press M&Ms onto the tops of each but the results are too cute not to.

Cookies before Baking

4. I made mine smaller than recommended which made more, because in general I find they bake better in my hard-to-control oven and because I love tiny, snackable cookies. Two is better than one!

5. Store with a piece of bread overnight for soft, tender cookies the next day.

6. Bonus Key Lime Pie Recipe! My dad got me hooked on key lime pie and it’s one of the few sweets he really likes. Check out Easy Key Lime Pie on Allrecipes.com. Squeezing the juice from key limes is probably the most time-consuming task, but totally and completely worth it.

Key Lime Pie

Enjoy. 🙂

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