cake balls extravaganza!

Some weeks ago I promised chocolate-chocolate cake balls and here they are!

I’ve moved away from making cake pops lately because I wanted to practice my dipping technique. I’ll admit it; the stick was a crutch for a long time. And like most things with a learning curve, I was not pleased with the results right away.

I finally found my swing of things by rolling the balls smaller than I’d roll pops. Think 3/4″ balls instead of an inch. My snowball-sprinkle balls made 75 instead of the prescribed 48. They slide off the dipper easier at this size, in my humble opinion, and look cuter in proportion to the sprinkles.

Let me now reminisce about the flavors of cake balls I’ve tried:

1. Red Velvet-Cream Cheese Frosting. The first and the one everyone thinks of when they think of my Cake Pops. Delicious and definitely wins the “special treat” category. Red Velvet feels luxurious and it’s great for the holidays.

2. Chocolate Fudge-Chocolate Fudge. This may be my personal favorite. They are moist (well, all cake pops are moist but the moistness of chocolate really brings out the fudgy flavor) and whenever I just don’t know what to make, I always gravitate towards this flavor.

3. Butter Cake-Buttercream. Note: I did not say vanilla/vanilla. This is very specifically butter and buttercream. I had to travel to several grocery stores to find this combination but it was totally worth it. They practically melt. I enjoyed doing these for a late summer/early fall shower.

4. Spice Cake-Cream Cheese. Perfect for fall. Normally I wouldn’t get excited about spice cake when there’s chocolate around, but variety is the spice of life and these are beautiful little gems when sprinkled with cinnamon-raw sugar. Warms the tummy on a brisk day.

5. Turtle (chocolate-caramel-pecan). Lots of work, hard to work with, but oh my. Quite delicious. These end up being expensive little treats because of all the toppings (caramel frosting can be hard to find, Duncan Hines makes it but only one grocery store in my area has it. Barring that, pick up some vanilla frosting and treat it with some caramel flavoring/extract). These are definitely special occasion treats.

6. Peppermint-Vanilla. I haven’t actually made these yet; a crumbed cake in the corner of the freezer waits anxiously for December to roll around so I can display these babies on a holiday plate. I added peppermint extract to a vanilla cake (1 tsp was plenty!) and will sprinkle these with some peppermint-sugar.

I’m a little disappointed that in dozens of batches of cake pops I’ve only managed to experiment with six flavors. This spring I want to try strawberry cream cheese and this summer, pineapple rum coconut.

But I couldn’t dare talk about so many delicious varieties without some photos. So in closing, here are the last two types of cake balls I made: chocolate fudge-chocolate fudge, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa and raw sugar, and chocolate-chocolate dipped in vanilla and sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles.

Raw Sugar and Cocoa Topping

Chocolate Sprinkles

More Sprinkles

And more sprinkles


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