Red Velvet Holiday Cake

Here’s a cake I made 4 years ago, a red velvet cake with a snowman. The recipe comes from McCormick – Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting.

Red Velvet Cake with Snowman

If memory serves, I did the design for the snow man on paper, cut out the shape, and then used a toothpick on the frosting to draw it out. Though perhaps I did freehand the green coal buttons, because that bottom one does look a tad misplaced.

Side View

I’ve only made a from-scratch red velvet cake this one time. Since then, I’ve made cake pops which I use box mixes (it’s just too much a shame to bake a cake from-scratch knowing you’re going to pulverize it; I can’t make myself do it).

Another note: I can’t remember if I used the cream cheese frosting recipe included on that page or I found another. I do remember being concerned that this frosting recipe would be too soft, but whether I tried it and it worked, or I found another solution entirely, these things are lost to the ravages of time. And for that I apologize.

But otherwise, enjoy. 🙂

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