cupcakes with browned butter rum frosting

I’ve been on this browned butter kick lately. If I see that in the ingredients, I immediately need to make it, just for the sheer awesomeness of how wonderful browned butter tastes.


This morning I was galavanting about the internet, looking for some inspiration for some cupcakes. I thought about using the same recipe I used for lamb cake this past Easter, but then I had to search for frosting recipes, as I wanted something a bit more special than the Vintage Bakery Frosting (which ended up too sweet for me).

I happened upon browned butter frosting and I realized in a heartbeat what Iwanted: butter rum. Because it’s yummy and that’s pretty much the only reason a person needs to want butter rum.

And then I wondered why I was so set on making the lamb cake recipe again. Why pound cake cupcakes? After all, I had this great yellow cake recipe that I used to make a graveyard halloween cake the first year we moved into our house, and I pretty much haven’t made it since. It’s a great recipe, I just don’t make many cakes.

I wasn’t content to let the yellow cake be, however. I halved the recipe (for a dozen cupcakes) and added a scant half teaspoon cinnamon.

My meddling didn’t stop there, either. We had heavy cream on hand from a soup, so instead of using milk for the browned butter frosting, I used cream. The frosting was very light and creamy. Oh, and rum extract. We are out of the real stuff.

And I couldn’t call it quits until they were dusted with turbinado sugar. I’m quite pleased with how cute they look.


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