how not to parent: you’ll get over it

a relative of mine–who shall not be named–and i could not be more opposed in parenting styles.

she dated/was married to a man for basically her son’s whole life (he’s almost 6). a few weeks ago, they split. the little boy lost two brothers, a sister, a dad, and a large extended family.

he lost a lot of family. cut off. no more contact.

all day on christmas (a big day, usually, full of chaos) he kept saying he missed john. he missed john’s trampoline. (john is either the husband’s father or the father’s brother, i don’t even know.) “i miss john.”

this compassionate mother says, “you’ll get over it.”

really? you’ll get over it? her son is GRIEVING over the loss of an entire family that he’ll never see again (unless they get back together, but seriously). you’ll get over it.

some people should really not reproduce.

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