parenting is not a contest

my child makes a fussy noise while we’re celebrating holidays with my in laws. he’s been great all day—despite the animals, the cousins, the aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas passing him around, chasing him, and generally keeping him whirlwind busy.

he’s tired, though. no nap. stimulation overload. he tells us so with a single whiny noise.

my husband says, “oh, poor fussy baby.”

my mil says, “you haven’t seen fussy. that’s nothin’.”

okay, i get it. you’ve raised 4 kids, some of which were loud and had high needs. and that’s fine. i respect what you’ve been through. in some ways, i’ll never completely understand what you’ve been through.

but don’t disregard my child’s communication because he didn’t scream. he most certainly did say something, and we responded.

do all grandparents have to compete with how we were as kids to how our kids are now? it’s not a contest.

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