my parenting style in one little anecdote

when i was eight or nine, my mother told me i was too old to play with dolls.

i don’t really remember how i reacted. my mother was my idol. she had been sick, very-sick, and sometimes less-sick. this was a less-sick time of her life—it had to have been or we wouldn’t have been out shopping—and i know i wanted to make her happy.

then later, we were at the grocery store. i want to say it was just me and her, and those moments were even more rare than the less-sick moments. she said she changed her mind about dolls, that if i was still having fun with them, then i should play with them, because you’re only a kid once.

this has profoundly affected my parenting philosophy.

1. parents make mistakes. they fix and apologize for their mistakes.

2. kids grow at their own pace.

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