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Want a free copy of Angelhide, the first novel in a contemporary fantasy series?

(I knew you’d say yes! Hurray!!) Here are two ways to get a free ebook of Angelhide.

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  2. Come to one of my writerly events! I’ll have ebook coupons ready to hand out at any of my Fondulac District Library programs or PeoWriMos events. The coupon expires 10/22/15, so I hope you can make it to one of our meetings or my next seminar. (They’re a lot of fun!)

Angelhide - book 1 of the Angelhide series A guardian angel, abandoned on Earth, races demons to find her missing ward.

Angelhide, a divine comedy of errors

Fresh from Angel Academy, Aggie can’t wait to facilitate God’s Will. All the other graduates are filing paperwork while Aggie is charged with saving a man from certain death. Hallelujah! Except… she’s not saving anyone. First she loses her ward, Nicholas Bayer. Then her phone dies after hours on hold with Divine Intervention. And thanks to a clerical error, Aggie is stuck on campus without a winter coat, a place to stay, or a dollar to her name. When a demon attack nearly gets her killed, she learns that she knows absolutely nothing about her job. Real angels have swords, special prayers, and a slough of bureaucratic forms to wade through. Worse, her search for Bayer brings up more questions than answers: Why does Heaven deem fit to preserve a violent criminal stalking his family? But Aggie isn’t giving up. She doesn’t need wings or a halo to rescue Nicholas Bayer, and she’ll keep him alive, even if she has to save him from himself. She just has to find him before the demons find her.

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