demonspine quote

“That’s not all,” Aggie added once the chaos dimmed. “After I retrieved the nails of the true cross and successfully completed my contract, Lucifer declared I wasn’t done! Now he wants me to do more work for him!”

She took a deep breath. For some reason, she hadn’t been interrupted yet and she wasn’t about to blow an opportunity. An opportunity to what? She still wasn’t sure. But defaming Lucifer in the throne room of Hell felt pretty damned good. “I will not! The Lord of Hell is bound by the same contracts we are all bound by, and if he will not hold his end, we will not hold ours!”

The crowd went wild, cheering and whistling. A half dozen people on the bottom row of seats lifted up large cards—three 10’s, two 9’s, and an 8.7.

from Demonspine–available now

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