Heaven’s Most Wanted

Here’s some exciting release news!

HVM ebook coverHeaven’s Most Wanted
Book 3 in the Angelhide Series
coming May 1st, 2016

It wouldn’t be Heaven if it wasn’t completely broken…

After saving Heaven from certain peril twice, Aggie should be a hero—or at the very least, receive a thank-you card.

Instead, she gets to fix Heaven’s outdated communications network. Her team is as unqualified as she is, and her personal assistant is… Raymond?

Yes, that Raymond, the archangel who stole her memories and tried to murder her two years ago. He’s all smiles now, with the most surprising offer:

If she can put the past behind her, Aggie can have her memories back.

Turns out, memory reabsorption is a painful process. While Aggie’s puking and discovering she was a terrible sister, Raymond tries to have her killed. Oh, and there’s a hacker sending malware all over the network.

It gets worse. The hacker isn’t some demon, she’s a human who just happens to be Aggie’s kid sister. This is a problem she can’t fix with holy fire—if Aggie can’t convince her super-stubborn sister to quit, Grace is gonna make herself Heaven’s Most Wanted.

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