I love NaNoWriMo.

Check out my NaNo 2011 Page for a list of this year’s links (or the Nano Category to your right).

Here’s a list of posts I found helpful for getting started, posted for NaNo 2010.

National Novel Writing Month
terribleminds NaNo Dos and Don’ts’s NaNoWriMo Rescue

Writeitsideway’s Quick Preparation Tips and Resources

WriteItSideways has a great checklist to help you get started, though one thing lacking on her list is copious amounts of caffeine. In November I throw moderation to the wind and consume as much as I want to, as long as I’m writing.

I highly recommend getting involved in your regional NaNo. My region does weekly (and more) write-ins which ended up being my favorite part of the whole experience. You don’t have to be (say this all pretentious-like) a “real writer” or an author to join and have fun. That’s the best part, I’ve met folks from all walks of life who just want to write a book as one of the many things they have accomplished and experienced. It’s awesome. (Though I could be biased because my region is so freaking awesome).